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If you are ambitious, self-motivated and enjoy meeting people. Then Leadership is for you.

Want the decision of how much you earn left up to you?

Build your own network with full support.

Opportunities to achieve fantastic incentives as a reward for your efforts

The Avon Leadership Plan is a great way for you to build a network of Avon Representatives anywhere in the UK. Avon Leadership is about finding, recruiting and supporting new Representatives. You earn a commission from your network sales, whilst still earning from your own Representative business. Avon offers you lucrative incentives, rewards, and of course, great recognition for your successful efforts and achievements.


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As with any business, Avon rewards its high achievers. But, Avon also rewards leaders for their accomplishments at all levels. So, Holidays, City Breaks, Cash Rewards, Luxury Hotel Breaks, The Annual Conference, are all up for grabs. And not forgetting Cars for the Highest Achievers. 

Avon offers awesome Rewards & Recognition for your achievements as a Leader

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Once you have joined Avon as a rep. You can then begin to build your own network, simply start by downloading the 'AVON GROW' app from Apple or Google.

Share to any friends, family and anyone who is interested in selling Avon. They can join your network and not someone else's.

Grow your network. This gives you two ways to earn; 

1. Your personal sales.

2. Your total network sales. 

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