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  • Adrian Jones. Earn At Home UK


Updated: Nov 8, 2021

“Network Marketing has come of age. It is undeniable that it has become a way to Entrepreneurship & independence for millions of people” – Stephen Covey

Look for opportunities; you will meet individuals who can help you bring about positive change. Improvement will boost your confidence.

A network marketing business takes commitment and dedication to succeed, like in any other business venture, but it is worth every second spent on it! I personally believe it to be the best and most powerful independent business model in the world!

Be open to suggestions and willing to try something new. Don't have a sticker on your forehead with closed on it.

It takes a special kind of person to make a success of networking and it is definitely not for the “Get-rich-quick” and lazy.

Network marketing is not different from any other conventional business where you have someone at the top and the same principles apply. Except in Network marketing, anyone in the network can become more successful and earn more than the person at the top. The fact that it has a low-cost startup to run a networking business is very attractive, sometimes it attracts those who think they can make a fortune overnight and then suddenly they realise that it is still work in just a different form. People just don’t follow through and have many fixed ideas about it. Yes, if you stick it out, you will definitely improve your earnings and lifestyle, but you need a long-term vision and must be prepared to work towards it and be able to negotiate all the negative feedbacks from failed network people who worked the business wrong. To try it for a few months is in my opinion a waste of your time. But, if you commit yourself you will reap the rewards.

Always remember,

Success begins with your Attitude.

Attitude decides your Thoughts…

And Thoughts develop your Routines….

And Routines decides what daily Actions you take…

And your Actions determines Success.

Hence from here, we could see that everything begins with Attitude first.

Develop an attitude of a successful person and feel the difference in your network marketing business!

Be of your own mind. Don't let negative comments or people use your headspace rent-free!

Usually, it is the people who know nothing about networking or are ex-networkers who expected riches from day one or unwilling to understand and learn, that are making the biggest noises about it. They don’t know what they are talking about, but they freely share their opinions. Not making a “success” of something does not only apply to network marketing, but to almost every other thing in life that takes commitment. For instance, how many people go on a diet and follow through with it? Or decide to quit smoking and then just do it? Or start reading a book and then finish it? There is nothing wrong with the system, it’s been proven for over 13 decades, but the success lies with the individuals who are employing the system.

Understand. Not assume.

The problem is that people do the maths, and then think they are going to make lots of money very soon by doing nothing or it will happen automatically! You soon start to assume very high returns expected of your network. Then reality strikes and you see that not everybody is doing what they should be doing and then most people quit. But that is the nature of networking and even if lots of people do nothing, you can still make it work for you if you keep on doing the work. You can’t do it wrong enough for long enough not to make a success out of networking. It is the greatest opportunity in the history of the world! Don’t blame the system, for that is what it is, a distribution system. The system works, but the real question is are YOU working the system?

Refuse to let outside influences or others slow you down or cause uncertainty.

A number of people running a network marketing business but not succeeding are not actually regarding it as a business. They see being a business owner, as one who can work 5-10 minutes a day and believe that is enough in return for a multi-digit income.

They aren't taking the time to learn the skills in running a business. If, for example, you were to be a Plumber you would be expected to learn the skills. Otherwise, things could become a bit soggy!

It is necessary to give it enough time before you think of giving up. You can’t become a proper plumber in a fortnight so, why expect to have a flourishing business in a fortnight! This industry is an underpaid business when you start, but once your business grows, your income grows inline. It’s like a pay rise every month your network grows.

The other issue I see is why to decide to manage multiple businesses and divide your time so much that you get overwhelmed and end up binning all of them because they took up all of your time. Decide on one and work it well.

Don't let an emotion stop you from taking advantage of an opportunity offered you that has the potential to improve your life.

Remember, no effort at growing your business equates to little or no money. So, no moaning to others about not earning any money or the business opportunity is not worth it. “Don’t work it, don’t earn it.”

Be ethical be truthful.

Post pandemic - Network Marketing businesses are changing shape to be more Digital, seminars are changing to webinars. One to one and home Meeting shifting to social media platforms.

Everything takes time to grow.

Those who do not work their business or are untrue to themselves fail or leave.

Those who work it, move forward and get good results.

Adrian Jones