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  • Adrian Jones


Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Adrian Joneshttps://linktr.ee/adrianjones

Hello, So you are toying with the idea of earning some extra. But, you don't want to do “one of those pyramid things”.

I actually completely understand why people think it's a pyramid thing whether they are against network marketing, they're new to the idea, they're looking into it, people think it’s a pyramid thing, I get it, I totally get it.

what's your definition of a Pyramid?

Now the majority of people will say, it's when the person at the top, makes all the money, and I will agree, because that is a pyramid thing, right, when the person at the top makes all the money, right?

Answer these questions.

Do you have a job? and in your job do you have a boss? And does your boss have a boss? And does your boss's boss's boss have a boss? And does your boss make more money than you currently? and does your boss's boss make more money than your boss? And does your boss's boss's boss make more money than both your bosses?

So would you agree that in your job, the person at the top makes all the money? Wouldn’t that make your job a pyramid thing? You get my point, everything is a pyramid thing. Think about it.

let's use Deliveroo as an example. You make an order, you are the end-user. Now, who delivers food, all of the guys on the bikes. Now, where do they go the guys on the bikes, they go to the restaurants, and the restaurants deal with a Support Centre and the support centres deal with the managers and the managers deal with the board of directors and the Board of Directors deal with the chairman the CEO, there's one or two Chairman CEOs, there's a few board of directors, there's a bunch of managers there's loads of support people in the support centres, there are 1000s of restaurants, and there are 1000s and 1000s of delivery drivers, and there are hundreds of 1000s if not millions of end-users.

Here's the thing, if you know that a product will benefit an end-user, it’s not a pyramid scheme, accepting it's a pyramid thing, you're in a pyramid thing. Everything's a pyramid hierarchy, what you're knocking, is you're not in a pyramid scheme. So if someone was to say to me, it's one of those pyramid things or is it one of those pyramid things you say yeah, like everything.

Everything's a pyramid hierarchy

If someone was to come to me and say it's a pyramid scheme. I would say you obviously don't understand there's no scheme behind it because you're the end-user you are getting a benefit, just like Deliveroo. There are other examples available besides Deliveroo. I pay a delivery fee. I pay more for delivery from the restaurant than if I was to make the food myself, I am overpaying for the product but I'm very very happy. Now, the people above me in the chain, that’s the delivery drivers they get a benefit, they're getting paid from this.

Now some of the haters out there might be like yeah but they're getting paid for doing that. Network Marketers are getting paid as well. Network marketers are getting paid based on their performance if the delivery driver doesn't turn up, they don't get paid either.

but almost everyone will say it's not for me. because they want to blame something else, the reason for them not to join, because to blame something else is easier than accepting fears of ignorance. Maybe you're anti network marketing and you don't like Pyramid selling, if you weren't allowed to say it's one of those pyramid things what would be the reason why you're not joining, right outside of blaming on other things, is there a fear inside, is it you don't want your friends seeing you doing this, and that's fine, you would just say that instead.

But it's a fact. network marketing is serving and helping hundreds of millions of people financially, emotionally, mentally, hundreds of millions all over the world. And chances are, if you speak to your friends and family, there'll be at least one of them who has some form of network marketing, product, service or opportunity in that household.



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