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Earn At Home UK Avon Opportunity Booklet

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Avon is improving its ability to transform women’s lives, and more and more men, with a global campaign asking people to think again about the 135-year-old beauty business. Now is the right time for it to “blow the dust off, get its nails done and have a new makeover.”

When you think of Avon, you most likely conjure up images of a handbag-sized catalogue filled with scented pages, pictures of Senses bubble bath, and Skin So Soft spritz. With, possibly a neighbor armed with a bag full of miniature lipstick and skincare samples who would regularly ‘ding dong’ your doorbell.

However, over the past 12 months, the brand has been looking to enhance its place in the beauty and personal care market, heavily investing in digital tools for its army of direct sellers.

It now allows its five million representatives in 50 countries to run a business from their phone, create and share marketing content and personalise recommendations for regular customers.

Since the pandemic kicked off, the beauty brand has seen a 200% uptake to digital dealings. In the first half of this year, the number of Avon reps has also grown twofold as social selling becomes more relevant to people looking to embrace a more remote and flexible way of working.

Avon sells three lipsticks every second, seven bottles of fragrance every second (which it claims is more than any other brand), and two bottles of its Anew skincare products every second. (Data. Avon Worldwide Sep. 2020).

The company is having its nails done, getting a new hairdo and a fresh look to appeal for generations to come.

Avon’s network of reps will also be central to spreading the message, influencers in their own right, the brand’s sellers are its “first media channel”.

Today, the Avon rep is equipped with much better digital tools, the Avon On app which allows them to do everything from place customers orders to readymade posts for Facebook or Instagram from their phone. Also education on how to make their own content.

Currently, reps are being given more tools. Avon Social app that creates and schedules social media content. And Avon Grow app that helps a rep begin to grow their own team.

All that said, the brand isn’t planning to ‘do an Argos’ any time soon and ditch the iconic physical brochure. It’s still a really important part of the business. It’ll be updated to go with the new ‘Nails &Hairdo.’



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