Jackie & Adrian

Jackie & Adrian Jones

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Jackie & Adrian Jones Earn at Home UK Avon
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Who ate all the cakes?

Jackie & Adrian Earn at Home UK Avon

On our first cruise. Using our earnings from Avon

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Avon Independent Reps and Sales Leaders

 "We both joined Avon 12 years ago. Jackie joined first and within a month she saw the potential of joining the Leadership plan. I joined as a rep to boost Jackies team numbers.


Because we both worked fulltime, we used our days off and evenings to grow our customer lists and build our own Avon businesses which then was time-consuming, having to physically travel to meet people. Today is so much easier.

We stuck to it and our earnings grew. It was like getting a pay rise every month, providing much-needed money as we had debts to pay which were sometimes stressful. We also wanted a bit of extra money to enjoy the odd Takeaway, Cinema and socialising.

We weren't going to be the next David & Victoria Beckham. But, we could see that our Avon earnings were improving our money issues. We were clearing any debts and we were able to go out without thinking "can we afford it"?

Compared to when we started. Today, you can run your business completely online if you want to.  


It's a brilliant feeling when you see your business begin to grow and feel proud to say "This is me managing my own business, earning my own money and not being pressured by a person above me whom I make look good with my efforts and who claims my success". 

Jackie and I are both happy with what we have achieved with our Avon businesses. So in 2020 we became a partnership and combined our businesses. We are both excited about what the future will bring us, and of course not forgetting our successful network of Avon Representatives and Leaders.

Best Wishes

Jackie & Adrian

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